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Mechanical Design Engineer (Robotics)

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job introduction

We need to propose mechanical solutions mainly on structure, tolerancing, and waterproofing. Our design has to be made easy to manufacture, assemble, maintain, replace and troubleshoot. To convince a design implementation to the team, we must communicate logically and reasonably. Having the discipline to do background research is very important.

Our performance depends on our ability to design cost-effective error-free mechanical products for robotic applications. We are also appraised based on our ability to handle multiple projects and meeting tight deadlines when necessary.

You will need to possess at least a diploma in a related engineering field. You will be more preferred when you have relevant software experiences in CAD and stress analysis. Technical experiences in assembling, manufacturing, and fabricating are also well sought-after.

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Get a Mech Design Engineer job today!

Get a Mech Design Engineer job today!

Get a Mech Design Engineer job today!

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