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Supplier Management

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Job Process

Suppliers are happy to negotiate if you are as well!

Managing relationship with your supplier is crucial. This helps to reduce unnecessary costs due to human error on both ends to achieve win-win situation. Here, we identified 5 HOWS to get you started!

1) Supplier will always have solutions for you. Listen, analyze and counterpropose based on your knowledge and experience of the situation. You should always consider feasibility and implementability in;

i) cost

ii) time

iii) maintainability

iv) sustainability

v) reliability

2) manage error on both ends

3) seek advice and also to provide advice

4) be clear about responsbilities when working with mutliple suppliers on a same project, avoid 2 or more suppliers working on the same thing as it is hard to track who is the cause of error

5) quote/price management to ensure cost is well controlled. In this area, you need to manage scope of work, payment terms and delivery time. Get 3 quotes if price is unacceptable. (Industry standard)

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