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Task Delegation

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Job Process

Delegation of authority is important because you can't manage everything alone!

When you are overloaded, it is important you quickly react by delegation. Here are some ways you can consider!

1) If the project is long term and you foresee that it will take you a fraction of your working hours on top of other assignments, you need to delegate! 

2) It is important you make a decision whether to hire. You can consider based on contract, hire an intern or a permanent staff to handover your role while you move up your career ladder. You may also consider hiring individuals from other departments.

3) To shorten the time for training and guidance, it is important there are proper documentation and systems in place to allow the newcomer to adapt faster.

4) When delegating, it is your responsibility to lay out clear objectives and timeline for the person to meet. This is measurable and gives the person a sense of ownership in their role. The skillset you need to hone is timeline estimation and risk management.

5) After delegation, you need to set consistent short and/or long discussion to align expectations in case the tasks are not carried out accordingly to your expectations.

6) You may delegate more task on top of the person's workload. However, you need to have a clear understanding whether you are overloading the person. An overtime worker can easily experience burned out which can affect quality at work. 

It is important you set aside time for thinking and planning when you have people under you. Instead of being a "do-er", you are also a leader. This is an additional job role and skillset to train you as a manager.

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