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Support pre-tender activities (Mechanical)

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Job Process

Winning a project tender brings money into the company.




Preparation work has to be done to ensure the best option is thought through before proposing the idea. Here are the processes to help you understand how to do it well;



1) Customers will inform us whether the tender is releasing via email or publication, together with their brief requirements. 




2) Using our expertise, we research to acquire designs and concept implementations. We will then discuss with the manager and relevant stakeholders to align and agree on the direction forward.




3) If the tender is important and related to a fabricated part concerning structural integrity, we will pay professional analysts to study FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to ensure if an idea is structurally feasible. 




4) With confirmed direction, we will work simultaneously to acquire the estimated price of the proposed budget, which includes;




i) RFQ from at least three different suppliers to ensure cost consistency. Some requirements to use vendor may include; assembly services, certification by professional engineers (PE), safety, reliability, and authority certifications.



ii) Depending on your project, source from online or for ready “plug and use” industrial products and machinaries. Important information to acquire are; ISO certification, financial background, pricing, shipment cost, shipment size, payment term, delivery by batch or not, product depreciation.



iii) For easily obtainable products, source raw prices from major E-Commerce sites like Amazon, AliExpress, and Lazada 



iv) If after-sales maintenance is charged to the customer seperately or to be included as a package when we bid for the tender




5) With the budget defined, we may propose to markup the price to achieve profitability in the tender. It is beneficial to show which segment of the budget is the most costly and how we can reduce it.




6) Once the tender is out, we will submit a proposal based on our findings.

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