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Demo Activities (Wheeled Robots)

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Job Process

The more awareness we bring in, the higher chances we can meet potential prospects.




Although supporting demo activities can be tiring, it is also a good chance to hear direct customer feedback. Here, we identified what we normally do;




1) Understand clearly the demo requirement from the business development team, which include;



i) Functions and requirement to demo



ii) Interactions with demo participants



iii) Number of robots to be deployed



iv) Date, time, and number of days 




2) With this understanding, allocate adequate human resources and equipment for delivery and on-site support. This includes;



i) Lorries with a ramp or automated lifter for transportation of heavy robots



ii) Bring strap to secure the robot, cushion styrofoam, wheel choke, fire extinguisher, tire pressure pump and other necessary tools




3) Before deployment, ensure the robot is operational as per demo requirement.




4) If robot needs to move in a route, we will plan for;



i) Location of charging area



ii) Assessing deployment risk in a certain area of the route



iii) Assessing terrain of the route to ensure ease of maneuverability 








Before conducting any form of demonstration, always ensure that the surroundings do not have any obstacles and holes to ensure the robot operates in a suitable environment



Clear any unnecessary objects hindering the pathway or the route. Take note of the type of terrain the robot is on, shift to a smoother floor surface if necessary. 



Always ensure the robot is fully charged and functional, as any breakdown will not look good on you and the company.

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