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Cleaning Operations Executive

Large Wreath

job introduction

We manage and supervise the cleaning and disinfecting services for residential units, childcare centers, and other commercial areas. Possessing the communicative ability to train, manage internal and external customers is essential!

Our performance is dependent on our customer's rating of our services. Hence, we must manage their expectations well by giving them certainty and showing professionalism in our work. We should also manage the team well to prevent manpower shortages that could delay and affect our cleaning progress negatively.

You are not assessed based on your education. However, it would help if you conversed well in English. Your mother tongue and dialect ability are important as some of our customers and employees may be seniors or foreigners. You will also need to be physically-abled to do the cleaning effectively and safely.

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Get a Cleaning Operations Exec job today!

Get a Cleaning Operations Exec job today!

Get a Cleaning Operations Exec job today!

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