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Supervision (Indoor Cleaning)

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Job Process

Supervision ensures the cleaning team meets standards and abide by safety during operation.

Customers will rate our services based on our performances. This reflects my capability as a leader to uphold the quality standards of our team and our company's reputation. Here are a few good practices as a checklist to follow;

1) Protect the safety of the cleaners when they are conducting the services; this includes ensuring;

  • Safety while cleaning high areas and stability of ladders

  • The correct methods of cleaning are carried out

  • Wearing of gloves and relevant protective gear (PPE)

2)    Monitor the cleaners' work efficiency by ensuring correct techniques and tools are used with good time management.

3) Checking and ensuring the quality of the services are met. This includes inspecting the cleaned areas by following a given checklist, which are;

  • Low areas; such as corners and edges on the floor, floor under furniture, and bed

  • Middle areas; the top portion of medium height furniture

  • High areas; ceiling fans, top shelves, cupboard top

  • Toilets

Sometimes, when there is lack of manpower, we will join the team and clean with them.

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