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Customer Service (Indoor Cleaning)

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Job Process

A satisfied customer will return to us.

1) Prior to the home cleaning session, we will remind customers of the service by sending them a message a few days before. Details of the message include;

  • Date and time of cleaning service

  • Agenda of cleaning service

2) Upon arriving at the customer’s residential unit, we will first understand their expectations for the service. This include;

  • Probing more to comprehend their needs towards the service provided

  • Aligning and managing their expectations to what we can confidently offer. This means we need to logically explain how much time will be required and the reasons behind our limitations.

3) When the service is completed, we will speak to our clients and

  • Attain feedback on their ratings and areas of improvement for our service

  • Encourage them to share their experience about our service through Facebook or relevant social media websites

  • Introduce referral programs, in which they will benefit from rebate and discounts if they recommend the services to friends and relatives. For example; If the customer’s friend is a first-timer and quotes his name, the customer will receive certain amount of rebate with a minimum spending

4)   Answering calls from returning and newly-referred customers to address their inquiries regarding the services provided

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