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Inventory Management

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When it's not enough, get it restock. Is it really this easy?

Yes! However, the problem comes when you are unaware that these stocks are not enough or you have just too many inventories to manage! Here are a few tips to help you!

1) Ensure you have a system to keep track of your inventory. This means a proper sign-in/out for item withdrawal. Identify which item has to be withdrawn at intervals such as every week or month; this will give you a good estimation of when to restock.

2) If you have a large inventory under your account to manage, you should find an inventory management software to help you track in/out of the items.

3) Sometimes, consumable items are not tracked, and this can be an issue when they are not restocked on time. You may either have the users report to you on the item depletion or be pro-active in checking the inventory yourself. This depends on company culture and how you convince relevant stakeholders/departments. It is essential you stock with a controlled quantity to prevent users from misusing them.

4) It is recommended to keep to a few suppliers who can provide you cheaper price and ad-hoc deliveries when required. Moreover, in some cases when the required item is obsoleted, the best person to seek advice for replacement will be the supplier.

5) When someone is not authorized to withdraw the item, especially consumable and untracked items, the best way is to have the relevant stakeholders/departments assign a designated person for item withdrawal. This will prevent misunderstanding.

6) If you are on-the-ground person, it is best you allocate the inventory yourself since you know when the items should be replenished. Request to hire an assistant to help you if you are overloaded.

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