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Admin Tasks (Employee Welfare)

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Job Process

Transport claims, receipt claims, medical certificates and other welfare admin tasks require someone to handle.

1) On a monthly basis, we will collect receipts and carry out paperwork for their reimbursement which will be separately credited into their bank account. This includes;

  • Travel receipts to site via public transportation such as MRT, bus or taxi 

  • Items purchased to facilitate the job's curriculum

  • When the transaction price is dubious, we may need to clarify with their management if the transaction was authorised

  • If I am the direct superior of the employee, I am responsible to answer to my management for authorising the transaction. Hence, it is important for me to check before submission to the finance department

2) For some companies, the employee can submit via a phone application, and we will check the validity of their claims

3) We are also required to;

  • Collect their Medical Certificates (MC) and report in our system for tracking purposes

  • Accompanying them for yearly medical checkups when required as senior worker might have problems with the process

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