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Product Design (Interiors)

Large Wreath

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Large Wreath

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Job Process

We have to ensure designs meet the expectations of the customer and internal management.

Managing expectations in the design are never easy. Here are the processes helpful to you;

1) First Point of Contact

Customers will directly contact our sales personnel, managers, and managing director to initiate the collaboration. I will be informed of the work after which. 

2) Understand the requirement

During the meeting, I will be asked to join to understand customer requirements.

The customers are usually interior designers and architects. About 50% of them will draw out their concepts to help us visualise and plan for the fabriaction. 

For those without drawings, I need to draw sample work to help the customer visualise and agree before starting.

3) Product functions and features

I will then seek to understand the purpose and budget of their design before asking the following;

i) Resistance in scratch, crack, stain, heat, chemical, impact 

ii) Durability, dimensions, aesthetic

iii) Finishing, trim edging, general workmanship

iv) Modularity

v) Ease of assembly and maintenance

4) Drawings

I will create mechanical drawings specifying how to manufacture and assemble. This will be handed over to my sales department, where they will liaise with customers.

i) If the design is large-scale, I will have to create a 1 to 1 prototype and verify the customer's design.

ii) A prototyping process from "design-to-manufacture" may vary from one day to 2 years depending on the design's complexity, safety compliance and improvement.

iii) Once the prototype is accepted, we can start manufacturing.


To prevent miscommunication between you and the client, ensure the design drawing is sketched out clearly with specific requirements indicated. 

Discuss with the client and make necessary changes with everyone informed. This is to prevent any do-over which may hinder the project flow.

Any major changes and additional work must be clarified with management or the sales team to prevent "work before payment."

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