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Commissioning (Lighting System)

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Job Process

Commissioning means to certify that the system is ready for actual implementation.

Our job here is to check, ensure, and demonstrate to our customers and distributors that our system follows the set of agreed requirement.

1) We ensure all lighting systems in the building are in synergy with the remaining building management system (air conditioning and security systems)

i) Using our software’s GUI to demonstrate the features of the lighting system based on client needs. For example;

- the lighting of the buildings can be automatically dimmed down or shut down when we predict the place to be empty during a particular time slot

- When the alarm or emergency system is triggered, our lighting system should correspond by turning certain areas of lights red or switching to flashing lights to indicate danger

ii) With knowledge from previous training and working in past projects; we have a set of ways to test the system promptly

2) To mark the completion of testing and commissioning of lighting systems; some work include;

i) Referring to a checklist and acceptance test requirement to carry out our commissioning procedures. This may sometimes be related to following industry standards and compliance to ISO/CIE

ii) Referring to engineering drawings and system documentations to adjust relevant settings to meet commissioning requirement

iii) After all commissioning work are completed, the customer will agree that the system is ready for implementation. This will be in the form of proper documentation with signature.

3) If your commissioning requires overseas traveling, here are some points to note:

i) As we visit sites and work with overseas distributors, we may face communication issues because of the language barrier. With their minimal level of English, some useful techniques can be used;

- Simple broken English

- Sketching

- Typing out English words

- Non-verbal actions to illustrate a point

- Pictures

ii) Travel expenses (hotel, flight, meal, transport) are covered and should be claimable from the company; you will need to know the budget allocated for this.

iii) Overseas work trips may take place around once to four times per month and lasts at least three days per trip

iv) Working hours abroad can be similar, shorter, or longer depending on your tasks. But do keep in mind traffic congestions in densely populated cities may delay your time to start and end work.

Definition: Graphical User Interface (GUI) is an interface where you can easily click and make changes to the system without doing the actual coding yourself. 

For example, your handphone screen is a GUI where you can easily tap on an icon to start an application. As it’s not very user-friendly to open an application using programming codes.

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