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Job Process

A poor process requires more resources to get things done. This means additional cost, higher chances for human error and reduces worker’s motivation.

1) Being in the role of managing project and people, we must be able to identify mistakes and problems that occur in work processes. To do so, we ourselves have to clearly understand and be experienced with their job. 

2) The few types of root causes for such mistakes are ;

- Human error 

- Overconfident

- Convenience

- Inexperience

- Assumptions

- Not serious during work

To resolve, you may consider using the following methods depending on what's best for the situation;

- Checklist

- Send the employee for training

- Reward for consistent good job done

- Punishment

- Have a template that is easy-to-follow

3) Sometimes, as an outsider looking into the process, we are able to spot certain inefficiencies. Here are a few questions you may consider when improving processes

- Can a tool be able to reduce the time taken for the process? If a tool is cheap and can greatly improve efficiency, it is definitely a go!

- Is the whole process even necessary? This question is asked when the situation or demand has changed but the process did not adapt accordingly.

- Is the process parallel or series better? Parallel process increase efficiency but may affect quality as one person may be handling multiple processes at once. Series process allows a person to focus on one task and handover to another. You may also consider having both parallel and series in the same process.

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