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A Partnership Initiative to use Courage as a cultivator for innovative Social Businesses to Drive Positive Change for the Future.

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When faced with challenges, how many people have the courage to pick up the torch and light up the future, no matter how tough it gets? If you do, join us!

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What is Project Courage?

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WE Development Project Courage

A Social Initiative providing Business Solutions Critical for the Next Generation.

A social business is dedicated to addressing societal needs with the goal of uniting people for a sustainable future. We operate not as a charity, but as profit-generating entities, using our earnings to expand and further support social objectives. While we may currently be small as a group of business, we anticipate growing stronger as we welcome more like-minded partners to join us!

WE Development Project Courage

Working with only Passionate Partners who are positive changemakers.

Focusing on working with selected like-minded partners to drive positive change in the areas of

✓ Education

✓ Technology

✓ Mental Wellness

✓ Environmental and Sustainability

Our Current Projects

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WE Development WE Courage Digital Support

WE Courage Digital Support

If you find yourself facing financial constraints but aspire to grow, WE are ready to empower you with a 3-page website and a 90-minute digital consultation for a flat fee of just $8.60.


Our support is extended to various social-impact entities, including Vegan F&B, Single-Parent, Homemade Businesses, Religious Organisations, Charities, and more. Click to find out if you are eligible.

WE Development IBGA Board Game Academy

Board Game Academy

We equip children to evolve into wise and empathetic leaders, instilling in them the Courage to instigate positive transformations. Achieving this goal involves employing a proven framework to provide mindset development classes. These sessions guide children in navigating real-life situations through board game scenarios, fostering essential life skills that will serve them well into adulthood.

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