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WE Courage Digital Support at $8.60

Supporting Social-Impact Businesses, Non-Profits and Home Businesses to Reach More Audience

For Selected Applicants Only.

WE Development WE Courage Digital Support

What is this Digital Support About?

Our digital support is specifically designed to help financially constrained entities build a website to enhance their outreach campaigns.


We aspire to empower more courageous individuals, fostering a collaborative environment where they can join hands with us to support additional entities. Together, we aim to cultivate a growth-friendly landscape in the realm of social impact.

Who do we provide Digital Support to?

We provide support to the following entities whom we find might need our support due to Financial issues;

✓ Home-Based Businesses

✓ Charity Organisation/Group

✓ Non-Profit Organisation/Group

✓ Entities that Brings Love and Care

✓ Vegetarian/Vegan F&B Businesses

✓ Eco/Environment Related Businesses

✓ Religion such as Church/Temple/Mosque


WE Support Three Entities Monthly on Digital Solutions 

Given our current status as a compact team of developers, we can presently extend support to only three entities requiring our services.


We anticipate broadening our assistance to more entities once we secure a Social Investor capable of covering our costs.


Prospective applicants are required to complete a simple form before our team initiates further discussions. While we regret that we may not be able to respond to every inquiry, we encourage you to reapply on a monthly basis to enhance your chances of being considered for shortlisting.

Working Cooperatively Together with us

In offering you nearly free support at $8.60; we kindly request your reciprocal support by providing relevant content and information about your entity when requested.


Recognizing your financial challenges, our aim is not to push any sales unless you express interest in learning more. The timeline for our collaboration is estimated between 1 to 3 months, contingent on your cooperation. Please be aware that we reserve the right to terminate services if we perceive a lack of respect for our team and our commitment to working with you.


Let's make this collaboration meaningful for your success! ♡♡♡

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