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Job Process

An experienced recruiter only has 5 to 7 seconds to sift through a resume as we have hundreds and thousands to go through.

So, what kind of skillsets does the recruiter need to shortlist candidates?

1) Acquire an understanding of hiring needs from the hiring manager, who usually is head of a department. You will need to understand what is the timeline to hire and negotiate if its unreasonable.

2) Summarise the hiring requirement based on 

i) years of experience

ii) education and/or certificates

iii) skillsets required

iv) special skills required such as; language literacy

v) name of the role

3) With these requirements, shortlist by;

i) Country of Education

ii) Industry relevancies and experiences

iii) Credentials such as certificates and achievements

iv) VISA status

4) Once shortlisted, we will check and clarify information with the candidate to ensure the person is the right fit. I will also take some time to browse through the candidate's work if they have it online.

5) Once a candidate is shortlisted, I will contact them via email or a call to arrange for a suitable timing and platform/location for the interview. 

Taking this opportunity, I will also let this candidate know what to expect for the interview.


1) An experienced recruiter usually has 3 to 5 stakeholders to handle and can easily manage the hiring process of 7 roles all at once.

2) It is important you prioritise which role to shortlist first as this is a measure of your KPI

3) For some recruiters, they may focus to do all shortlisting tasks within a week depending on the dynamics of the work

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