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Interviewing process (Recruiter)

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Job Process

We will usually do the first round of interview before referring to the hiring manager.

The interviewing duration is generally kept within half an hour for both remote and non-remote interviews. My agendas for the interview are;

Step 1 – Allow candidates to share how they can align to our job role as per the description given to them. This will provide me with some understanding of whether the person is qualified for the position.

Step 2 – I will ask scenario-based questions to pick up personality nuances of whether this person has the right soft skills. For example, logical thinking, command of the language, articulation of tone, stubbornness, and resilience.

Step 3 – Identify salary requirements, notice period, availability, and visa status of the candidate to ensure they align with our hiring requirements. This information will allow the hiring manager to make better decisions on candidate selection.

Step 4 – Before ending the interview, I will make known to the candidate that there will be further interviews with our hiring manager if they are shortlisted. I will also reveal the number of interview stages required before a candidate is hired for that particular job role.

Step 5 – I will note my observations in the Applicant Tracking System and propose at least three candidates for my hiring manager to select. 

Suppose I feel that the candidate is qualified and someone “Very Wanted”, I will notify my stakeholder and convince them with reasons even if we need to apply for a work permit or VISA.

For further stages of the interview, I may occasionally be required to sit in to help facilitate the interviewing process.

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