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Acquire and post job description (Recruiter)

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Job Process

The criteria of a job is a job description, and the hiring manager has to pass it to me.

1) Understand hiring requirements before finding and shortlisting candidates. This is usually sent via an official email before I can proceed with recruiting. Important information includes;

i) Rank (e.g., Executive role, Senior role, Manager role)

ii) Education

iii) Job description

iv) Years of experience

v) Nationality

vi) Hiring budget

2) I will seek clarification if unclear about the job description. For example;

i) Typo error that may mean differently, especially for acronyms

ii) Based on our experiences with a particular role, clarify if the hiring manager is comfortable to hire fresh graduates, foreigners, or gender preferences due to the nature of the work

iii) Clarify if the role should be a senior or managerial role due to the years of experience requested

iv) If the hiring term is a contract with a simple job description, clarify if hiring an intern will be a better choice for them

3) For some companies, you may have to understand the hiring budget and advise if it's too low or high. 

4) Once clarified, I will post job descriptions on multiple job hiring sites to attract candidates to apply. I may personally headhunt (active sourcing) if the role is a niche one. Otherwise, outsource to external recruiting companies if the timeline and skillsets is highly critical.

5) If the hiring outcome isn't favourable because the hiring requirement is very niche, I will suggest a new job description for a junior role so we can reach out to more candidates.

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