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Interviewing Skills (Recruiter)

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Job Process

How do I effectively use this limited time to know about the candidate?

What we need to pick up from this interview are;

1) How qualified is this person

Depending on the industry and role, we may ask the person to do a qualifying test to understand how skillful and/or knowledgeable they are. Some companies will need the person to do IQ test.

I will ask about the person's understanding of a specific topic relating to the job description and observe how they answer. This will give us information about the person's knowledge depth and exposure.

2) Character and personality

Depending on industry and role, the candidate may have to take a personality test to see if they are the right fit.

We will also pick up small nuances such as gestures, facial expressions, tonality, behaviours, and mentality. 

We will also capture whether if a person loves complaining, badmouthing, and being proud about their achievements. 

A good fit in terms of knowledge may not be a good fit as a team member or a leader.

3) Communication skills

The ability to communicate with clarity, logicality, and relatability shows how focused they are with the interview. 

Moreover, if they are comfortable to speak to because they sounded humble and friendly, it is a plus point.

4) Interest level

An interested candidate will usually ask questions about the company and the job. Some recruiters may directly ask the candidate how interested and eager they are in getting the job. Otherwise, some helpful questions to ask are;

i) do you have interviews with other companies?

ii) are there job offers in our company that you are interested in?

iii) how eager are you to leave your current job? 

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