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Plan and run recruitment events

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Job Process

The best way to meet the actual candidate first-hand!

The purpose of recruitment events is to scout and acquire talent for the roles we need. The following explains how we do it;

1) Depending on our company's scale, we have to plan and manage recruitment events held by schools, E2I, job fairs, and other minor recruitment events. Occasionally, I have to deal with partnership events (with my client) for recruitment purposes.

2) Backend work usually has to start coordination 3 months before the event. This means;

i) Budget to run the event

ii) Coordinating with the booth providers on design and layout

iii) Coordinating the purchase of merchandise with our list of vendors

iv) Coordinating the printing of our recruitment brochures with our list of vendors

v) If we may need to display our company's products and make necessary coordination with relevant departments

3) When it comes to the design and layout of booths and brochures, the focus is to ensure strong branding and functionality. 

This means;

i) our company logo has to be prominently visible  

ii) relevant posters and decorations around the booth must be professional and related to our company brand in terms of colours, fonts, and other layout standards of the company

iii) brochures have to specify the roles we offer and who to contact clearly

v) adequate space to allow potential candidates to speak to us comfortably

4) For large events, I will inform relevant stakeholders (hiring managers) to make time for this recruitment. 

I will usually stand by the booth with my colleague in the same recruitment team for smaller events. 

5) For partnership recruitment events, we will have to coordinate by inviting different companies to give career talks and brand themselves. It can be either an open discussion, or each company is given a duration between 10 to 30 mins to speak on stage. 

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