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Managing multiple accounts (Recruiter)

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Job Process

Why hasn't the hiring manager (stakeholder) send me their job description!?

In this fast-changing world, when projects come and go quickly, employee requirements change very frequently. This results in the job description being very different. 

The best way to keep myself updated is to speak to the different stakeholders (the hiring manager) and understand their situation. Here are a few skillsets you will need to do well;

1) Our ability to manage a good relationship and disarm potential conflicts is important since these stakeholders can be bottlenecks when not handled properly.

2) Instead of holding meetings, I will usually personally visit the stakeholder for a 5 minutes weekly to chat before asking them to send me their job description. I will also ask if they intend to downgrade or upgrade this role as this affects the hiring budget.

This reduces all unnecessary processes such as emailing, waiting for a reply, and then reply again. However, this method is dependent on the company's culture and how you can go around red tapes.

3) On the occasion when stakeholders are not cooperative such as;

i) unable to meet weekly and does not arrange for an alternative time

I will  make a phone call, otherwise, a message. If this is comfortable for both of us, then this may be the agreed way to go.

ii) uncontactable or tell me "I will update you" when they don't

Depending on the urgency of the situation, I may speak to their direct management to expedite the process. Otherwise, I will send an email requesting the hiring manager to revert and tag their direct management in it.

iii) interviewing period is ending, and they have not interviewed any of the shortlisted candidates. 

I will shorten the interviewing time and ask the hiring manager if they can make it. Otherwise, I will suggest they send an "alternative representative" for the interview. If nothing works, the last resort is still to speak directly to their management.

4) For roles that are easier to hire, I will prioritise and finish all shortlisting and interviews as quickly as possible to have more time on difficult ones. 

If all accounts are difficult to handle, I might request assistance from my colleagues or managers to lighten the load. If budget allows, I will outsource the work to external recruiters.

Again, this depends on the company culture and your ability to communicate and convince effectively.


Although stakeholders might not be cooperative, they have their reasons such as;

1) they are handling too many projects

2) they do not have time to create a job description as they may need to hold internal meetings within their team to complete such a task

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