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Maintain E-commerce website (Fashion)

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Job Process

With marketing campaigns set up to attract visitors to our website, we must ensure they have clear information to make purchase decisions. 

1) Draft content for the description of apparel such as;

i) Measurements of clothing size like waist, bust, shoulder, length, cutting

ii) Materials used with a description such as material composition, stretchability, colours available

iii) Styles relating to season, trend, and personality

2) Understand basic web programming and functions for;

i) Basic usage of web platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and more to;

- Editing and creating of new pages

- Adding photos and descriptions of products and apparels

ii) Basic manipulation of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and Java to 

- Add and edit content

- Recolouring and redesigning of webpages

- Address customer’s enquiries via chatroom

- Add promotion banners

3) Post E-newsletter regularly to update subscribers on a weekly or monthly basis

- Update latest fashion trends such as new sets of collections and open for enquiry and purchase 

- Update ongoing promotions and upcoming events 

- Increase sales by resolving customer’s doubt and giving them the confidence to purchase


Many e-commerce businesses rely on existing customers. To maintain customer loyalty, ensure the website is updated regularly by having attractive ongoing promotions and upcoming events

It is also important to show transparency and answer any concerns raised by customers. This allows customers to build trust with the brand and ensures continuity of support.

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