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Generating monthly marketing report

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Job Process

Should we spend more on marketing? What should we spend on?

The monthly marketing report provides an understanding of the company's sales and outreach status in the past month. This allows measurable forecasting of upcoming marketing strategies.

1) On a monthly basis, we consolidate information for report writing on 

i) monthly sales

ii) return on Investment (ROI) 

iii) outreach of customers 

iv) how well the company's sales of certain products are

2) We obtain the company's monthly sales from the finance department, with details of the ROI and specific sales on certain apparel and products

3) Customer profiling from social media platforms are collated, and graphs are plotted to display trends of

i) Which webpage is most visited and why

ii) Which webpage is popular to a specific group of the targeted audience and why 

4) We can either write the report individually or as a team, depending on availability and prioritization of deadlines. 


To prevent a messy report that is difficult to evaluate, it is important to have a clear structure before writing the report. 

As the report deals with many numbers, compile relevant information and review the statistics a few times to ensure accuracy. 

It is also a good practice to compile the final key data together so the person reviewing the report could see all the critical numbers at one glance.

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