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Marketing for apparels (Fashion)

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Job Process

Identifying the trend allows us to be more easily identified by the intended market.

Here, we identified how we could keep a lookout to ride along with these fashion trends;

1) Research 

We looked for the latest market and fashion trends from the last six months. We will;

i) gather reference from WSGN fashion; a website to observe and analyze fashion trends and upcoming market releases

ii) browse fashion magazines like Vogue, Nylon, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, and more to supplement our research

iii) With this information, we can style our models based on the needs of the fashion industry to remain relevant in the market

You will need to have good attention to details such as identifying colours used, lighting and shadow, angle, model's physique, accessories

2) Understand

We must understand each fashion trend's intention to advise on how to style the model, direct the photoshoot and advertise later on. Here, the skillsets we look at are;

i) proportion of the pictures in relevance to the clothing, for example, if it is a dress, should the image be showing full body shots of the person or 3/4? 

ii) colours of the surroundings, a great contrast between colours create right focus and attraction. This has to suit the theme, which will determine if the shots have to be taken outdoors or indoors.

iii) based on the theme, you should also understand an appropriate match to the facial expression, types of poses, kinds of makeup, and model physique required.

iv) your experience should also tell you the type of fabric, colour and shape of the apparel, key features such as; (zip, button) and accessories required when shooting

3) Style and photoshoot

i) Accessories can be rented or borrowed from the company's collection to suit the photoshoot theme. 

ii) We ensure that the model's clothing, accessories, hairstyle, and footwear can match well together to bring out the feature and element of the apparel

iii) Location of the shoot should be pre-determined and booked. Budgeting has to come into play as studio can be very expensive.

iv) We can recommend which area of the apparel to focus and the type of angles preferred. This is related to key features of the apparel.

The ability to create a good match for the photoshoot is a test of our skillset.

4) Advertise

From the research, we need to identify trending keywords to capture the attention of potential customers. 

The keywords usually have to describe;

i) key features of the clothing such as water-repellent, knitted, ribbed, fleece, zip, button and more.

ii) focused areas are, collar, sleeves, cuffs, pockets, straps, and more.


1) style the models by replicating, adding, subtracting, and/or mixing ideas from your research to bring out the elements of the referenced trend

2) ability to describe key features with indicative photos of the apparel is important

3) ability to match and promote accessories together with the apparel is a plus

4) ability to manage photoshoots for multiple apparels is a good test of your management skill

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