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Planning for marketing strategy

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Job Process

Marketing strategy is devised to establish company brand, products, and services, to build customers’ trust towards our product and services.

1) A marketing strategy incorporates multiple segments, which includes

i) Market and competitor research to have clarity in recent trends

ii) Understand competitor and our company brand, vision, direction, art, visual, types of the target audience 

iii) Understand the strengths and weaknesses of our products and services to help us better identify areas of improvement

iv) Understand how well our company has been doing in the past one year or more for general forecasting and of setting marketing goals

2) Recommend a suitable strategy for the company based on marketing position, competitors, and new market trends. Then, direct and provide advice to the company on why and how to move forward

3) Implement strategy based on company’s proposed directions 

4) Evaluate strategy by identifying if there is an increase in sales after implementation, successful outreach of target audience, and feedback from customers


You need to be very sharp on how to allocate and balance marketing budget on the following;

1) advertising materials

2) advertising platform

3) advertising 

4) timeframe 

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