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Coding as a developer (Finance)

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Job Process

We automate tasks and fulfill our customer's requests. This reduces manual work that involves humans and repurposes their job for more value-adding tasks.

1) Based on customer's requests, on the back-end. we will plan and extract data attributes (variables) from the main database such as time, name, date to create a customised Database Structure using ORM. 

2) Once this customized Database Structure is created, we build a source code to query, load, and display data to the front-end where the user interacts. Because this is a repetitive process, data are uploaded and updated every month for traceability.


3) Creation of a user-friendly dashboard to provide an overview summary of each event's status that needs to be displayed to the users. If required, I will also include a section for data visualisation. All these works have to be discussed with the customer to align and match their expectations. 

4) When a display is required, either by text, data, or graphical visualisation, I will use a Model View Controller (MVC). Model is the database, the View is the template of the page in HTML and Controller is the logic/computation. 

Once done, I will display the output to the view or the template to display it. Customers will usually dictate what to be displayed on the page. This is the design pattern. 


We will need libraries and packages to meet the version of a programming language and/or create the functions that we need during coding. 

Since I am working with Python language, "pip install" will provide information and web links to easily access the relevant packages and is useful for me when searching for packages.

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