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Job Process

We need to ensure the project is moving forward correctly!

Aligning expectations with the customers and relevant stakeholders is important as improvements can be made and doubts can be clarified. Here, we identified the few good practices;

1) Review is done with the customer at every interval, typically every week. I will email customers about the agenda before the meeting so they can decide the duration of the meeting, or if not, discuss via email or online.

2) Using the checklist that I have created and discussed from past meetings, I will review the functions and the requirements to gather feedback.

3) Sometimes, customers may not like their initial request, and they will ask for a change. The common ones are;

i) User interface (UI) such as the location of where to access functions, actions, and help buttons. Having adequate segregation of functions and help buttons allow a neater user experience. The dropdown bar can be useful if there are many functions in the program.

ii) Follow as close to the requirement as the customer wants. They often have a say on the user interface while letting me handle the function myself. 

A quick tip is as long as I get their required process flow of the app, they are very supportive of the functions I implemented.

iii) Having patience is a good trait since there are times when customers require multiple changes to the app.


Take a further step to clarify customers’ demands when they are not clear with their requirements. Any concerns raised can be promptly addressed, and edits can be made. 

Remember to add in whatever discussed into a checklist for review work later. Include timeline as well!

This is to minimise the additional time taken to edit so we can concentrate on other tasks.

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