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I don't understand what these developers are doing!!

Frustration often comes when developers have to take time to understand and test the code because they are not written in a coder-friendly manner. Also, the codes are not written to be efficient enough, which can be a problem for system performance. The purpose of code efficiency is to allow; 

i) Easier to read and debug whenever required

ii) Improve functionality of code

iii) Improve program's responsiveness

Here, we describe the few good practices you may consider;

1) If required, I will ensure names of variables are short and easy to interpret so anyone taking on the project could work more effectively. For example, if the variable name is “Management Data”, I could rewrite as MgmtData.

2) When a function is written too long, short comments are added beside each critical points to help facilitate debugging 

3) If a heavy function is expected to loop, it is wise to find ways to reduce the computation which often takes significant computing power and time

4) Do you need your functions to be run in series? Can you allow it to run in parallel such that the computation power can be lightened

5) Draw a diagram or architecture as a reference or README to allow co-workers to understand your work better

6) Output speed and responsiveness of app must be fast to promote good user experience. A method is to use Memoization which can cache expensive function calls for usage when required again. 

In other words, launching the app for the first time will store all expensive functions in the system, and for future access, the app will boot up faster since your system has its operations.


You do not necessarily need to write a code from scratch. You need to know how to identify useable ones to get the job done. However, sticking to the principle of readability and editability is essential!

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