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Job Process

We have to ensure input to the program will achieve the desired output.

1) Verify if the function works as expected by giving the same input and compute values in both the program and an excel sheet. Purpose is to manually check if the output from excel tallies with my created function.

Note: A more professional and efficient method is to create a script for automated testing; Usually for larger-scale projects. This means I do not have to verify each value manually, but the script will reflect errors when it captures discrepancies.

i) Initial manual verification is still needed for automated testing and will be changed whenever calculations in the source code is edited.

ii) Besides calculation, check if an URL is valid using HTTP status code (can easily google the list of codes). The function for this test is called However, the shortcoming is if the URL requires pre-login, the status may reflect pass, but in actuality, the page was redirected to the login page. I thought that Django has a good module for automated testing.

iii) Automated testing is useful for large projects or facilitates easy troubleshooting in the future where developers are not familiar with the code anymore.

2) Most often, I am using manual testing because the project is small.

3) I will run through my checklist to ensure all testing are aligned to the agreed requirements with my customers.

4) When we are creating a new system referencing from an old one, we will feed the input into both and validate if their results are the same.

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