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Enrolled Nurse

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Our commitment to patient's recovery and mental wellness reflects our professionalism. Knowing basic care such as monitoring and carrying out correct medical procedures is important to help our patient regain their health faster. Effective communication is a useful skillset. We will also need to manage our patients' compliance and their visitors with the hospital's rules and regulations.

Our performance is measured based on our diligence in carrying out various tasks assigned, sometimes in very stressful and challenging situations. It is very important to work cooperatively as a team to lighten each other's workload and help our patients recover faster.

You will need to have at least a diploma in nursing to be eligible for this role. You will also need to be certified by the nursing board. If you wish to specialise in a specific practice, you will be encouraged to do so by being sponsored for a course. Your workload and salary can potentially increase. 

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Get a Enrolled Nurse job today!

Get a Enrolled Nurse job today!

Get a Enrolled Nurse job today!

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