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Visit customer (Sales)

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Job Process

Messages are never as effective as being in the present with the customer.

This meeting allows you to receive feedback first-hand and work towards getting solutions for your customer! Here, we identify the activities and the good practices associated when visiting existing and new customers;

For existing customers;

1) Whenever we drop by areas close to their factory/office, we will ask them to meet for a meal/coffee. We will use this chance to identify new market needs and trends as well as foster good relations. 

We will also listen to potential opportunities to resolve their operation problems and understand if selling a new machine to them will help.

2) Convince the customer to replace old machines with new ones by letting them understand the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. Key factors include;

i) production rate

ii) machine efficiency

iii) machine utilisation rate

iv) enhanced capability

v) reduced manpower

vi) extra safety

3) We will provide immediate after-sales support, such as;

i) provide shipment updates to allow the customer to have time for preparation by;

- notifying the customer of delays

- informing the machine's arrival date

- informing the customer on the date of machine shipment

ii) coordinating the technical team to assemble new machinery in our customer's factory

iii) provide concerns about the machine's operation and how satisfied the customer is with our technical team and their services

4) Speak to customer's management and ground people to understand how they feel about their new purchase from us. This includes;

i) identifying operational efficiencies

ii) quality and life span of high rotational parts

ii) identify if further training and support is required for their operators

For new customers;

1) Understand the interest of the customer by acquiring these information;

i) type of production

ii) production rate

iii) budget

If you are operating overseas, speak and train your overseas agents to acquire this information.

2) Prepare a customised sales presentation to give the impression of;

i) professionalism and trust in our brand

ii) increase credibility by showing feedbacks from a few big clients

iii) showcase a few profiles of existing customer similar to this new customer so as to create a direct connection with them

3) Prepare product samples of our machine to prove and show our capabilities.

4 Prepare marketable videos of our machinery in operation to demonstrate our market presence and business reliability. This is also an excellent way to start related topics to promote rapport building.

5) If working with overseas agents, I will ensure that they bring me to potential clients who are at the stage of price negotiation since I have limited time overseas


i) prepare necessary samples, presentations, and customer information before you attempt to visit

ii) always inform the customer or your overseas agent when you intend to visit them, never do surprise visits!

iii) depending on your customer's company culture, you may consider bringing gifts to them as a form of appreciation of partnership

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