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Demo Coordination (Sales)

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Job Process

People dislike unplanned last-minute deployment; it's not a good image for both your company and yourself.

We understood that you are overwhelmed with work, and last-minute planning may be your unwilling choice. Here are some tips you may adopt;

1) Whenever you need to host a demo, notify the relevant teams and stakeholders via a group chat message immediately. If the details are unsure, at least inform them of an expected date and time first. This will allow them to have mental preparation. 

2) Always prepare a few sets of demo requirements for your product. Whenever you need a demo, pull them out and send them to the relevant stakeholders.

3) Strictly give yourself 5 minutes to identify the most difficult and time-consuming preparation for the demo and inform relevant stakeholders to get it done quickly. Then, set the alarm or notification a few days later to clarify if the job has been carried out as planned.

4) If you need to book a plane ticket for your customer, get it done quickly as;

i) you might not be able to get the flight ticket for the time and date 

ii) when no information is given, your customer may be worried and will decide not to come when the date is near

iii) you may be seen as unconcern about the demo

5) A few key information are useful to inform the relevant teams when preparing, and they are;

i) venue and if a security clearance is required

ii) names of the people who are participating when a security clearance is required

iii) what does the customer intend to see

iv) what and how do you intend to show the customer

v) do you need the management to be there to speak to the customer?

vi) if you need a photography or videography team to take pictures and videos for marketing materials

vii) how much manpower do you need?

viii) what kind of power supply is required? Important when you are setting up outdoor

ix) do you have any safety measures in place? Such as fire extinguishers, a safe distance from the machine, protective gear, and more.

6) When the relevant teams are unable to support you with the demo, you need to have a contingency plan. For example;

i) Can you postpone the demo with the prospect?

ii) Can you showcase the product as static and identify key features verbally?

iii) Can you find support from other departments?

iv) Speak to your management if the relevant teams are unwilling to cooperate

Please note that these plans is dependent on how urgent your issue is.


Few days before the demo, always inform and remind everyone including the prospect of this event

Do not attempt to handle everything alone, you need to delegate to those who are supposedly responsible

As much as you need to consider limitation from the supporting departments, you also need to be firm with your decision. Your role is important as you are bringing business into the company. 

Remember to showcase and find ways to maximise the potential of your key product features during your demo

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