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Arrange and host meetings (Machine Sales)

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Job Process

This meeting is conducted to prove to customers that we are always around when they need us.

Here are a few tips for you to do well;

1) Hosting new and potential customers in our factory/office/lab allows them to understand; 

i) the manufacturing process of our machines 

ii) vet their purchased machines

iii) introduce our technical service team in person

iv) capabilities of our machines by demonstrating

2) Arrange for new and potential customers to visit our existing customer's factory. However, permission has to be given by the existing customer. This method provides;

i) actual proof that our machines are operating well

ii) let our existing customer speak for us

iii) positive interactions can occur between 2 or more customers to learn and share how to improve each other's processes. Good rapport with existing clients is then beneficial in this case.

3) If both new and existing customers are located in the same country, and I traveled there, I will arrange a meeting with them to connect. The purpose is to allow these customers to connect and see if they may potentially work together.

4) If your company's factory is located overseas and you are coincidentally there, you may have to help the design team assist the certification bodies such as ISO and CE to host and arrange for the machines' testing. This is also a good chance to build your network while you bring them for meals.

5) Whenever a close existing customer visits locally, some of them may call us out for both formal and informal meetings. Depending on their request, we may have to plan an itinerary and drive them around. 

6) Whenever high management from our HQ visits locally, we may also have to plan an itinerary and drive them around. 


It is essential you speak to the customers on the phone and understand them personally. This means knowing what they like and dislike. 

This will help you plan and arrange meetings that are comfortable and fruitful.

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