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Job Process

Knowing the step-by-step allows you to have clarity in planning!

Even though this process is time-consuming, the benefit of having clarity allows you to resolve problems much quickly! Here are a few ways you can do to help understanding processes fast!

1) If you have the people in the workplace to seek clarification, grab them! People who are well-versed in the process can greatly benefit your understanding of the situation.

2) If you need to work with people from the customer's side, you must identify someone who is closest to the process. Otherwise, identify those who manage the process. Ask your customer if you can work with these critical people to help make you understand their processes.

3) When working with people to gather information about the process, execute from a holistic approach first. Understand what are the major steps first before entering into the "nitty-gritty" areas. If necessary, get your definitions right to enhance your understanding during the conversation.

4) Always stick to your clear objective and avoid sinking into the "nitty-gritty" areas. You may ask yourself; "Is the information provided relevant?", if not, you need to help the other person to focus their explanation on areas you are concerned with.

5) If you do not have the correct people to work with, you may consider finding information by watching videos related to the topic you are working with. Focus on holistic explanation on processes to ensure you understand the situation before jumping into unfamiliar areas. Skip certain parts of the video if necessary. Also, aim to get your basic definitions right!

6) It is important you go through the processes by explaining your understanding with an experienced person related to the process. Clarify and piece up your knowledge to determine whether you have understood the major components.

Because time is always the limitation, you must identify the purpose behind critical processes. "Ask why!" This will give you the intention of the work and thus be able to guide you through your thought process more effectively!

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