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Resilience as a salesperson

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Job Process

The customer finds it too expensive, and my management doesn't want to bring the price down, this is difficult!

Many salespeople find themselves in this situation and unable to move forward. Here are a few solutions to help you keep a resilient mind by balancing between the management and the customer's expectations.

1) Work as a team

Follow the team's objective, and, if possible, enhance the process the team is undertaking. This is important as good teamplayer.

The team leader will typically have plans in mind, and they will need their members to work with them to achieve their objectives. It is important you can identify the leader's intention and techniques imparted to bring sales in.

2) Focus on the solution, not sales

When you focus on bringing solutions to the table, prospects will appreciate your efforts. When your solution cannot fit the prospect's requirement, move on and keep a lookout on how to enhance your portfolio of solutions. 

Focus your energy on bringing your solution to the correct audience.

3) Invite the management and the customer for a meal! 

If you find that the project is worth an effort, you need to convince your management to meet the customer! They know what is best for the company and could break certain operating norms to close the deal!

4) Meet more prospects, network more! 

Join events related to your industry, find out how other salespeople do their pitch. Identify the principles behind how they do it and how you could customise and apply it to your situation. 

Furthermore, you can take this opportunity to sharpen your communication and observation skills during the visit.

5) Know your job! 

Sometimes, when you are overwhelmed with responsibilities out of your role, you are unable to focus and devise a plan to do sales. 

It would be best if you allocated irrelevant workload to those who are responsible. Otherwise, request to delegate by hiring a full-time/intern or outsource to external vendor to handle these tasks. Your ability to convince management to resolve these inefficiencies is critical!


A resilient person is diligent and will place any setbacks behind to only focus on bringing solutions to the table. Time and expectation management is important!

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