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Conduct software training

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Job Process

Good training ensures the client can use the software correctly.

Often, the client complains about how ineffective our software is without properly knowing our software's full functionality. Here are a few ways you can do to help you run your training more thoroughly!

1) Before the training, I will email the client by sending them;

i) User guide on how to use or access the functions and interface; this includes offline video training

ii) Test script to verify and check to ensure all systems work correctly

iii) Asking and understanding about their work curriculums as I can plan the training based on their usual activities

2) Client is recommended to start using and familiarising the systems on their own. The reason is that by experiencing it first hand, any concerns can be noted down and clarified in the face-to-face training.

3) Before the actual training, I will plan the training schedule and curriculum based on the trainees' demography. This ensures the training is not too difficult or easy to keep them engaged with the activity.

4) I will then arrange a face-to-face training whereby they will;

i) use pre-design data templates to test the software; this is mainly for data-driven software

ii) Be taught how to use the functions correctly by going through with them on a step-by-step basis and be sensitive to their needs when they are faced with problems

iii) Be given confidence and comfortability to ask questions to help them in their learning

iv) Be given a few tasks to help them familiarise themselves more with the software's critical capabilities that are closely related to their work routines

We must be mindful to ensure clients enjoy and find our training useful. After all, we are representing our company brand, and we should uphold it!

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