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Teamwork as a manager

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Job Process

Being a manager is having the ability to manage, lead and work cohesively as a team to accomplish objective.

Managers not only have to work well with other managers, they also have to work well with their subordinates to motivate and maximise their strengths. They also need to manage expectations from the top. Here are some tips to help you;

1) Higher management usually have many ideas for implementation. It is our responsibility to filter ideas that are worth investing to prevent your team from burning out. Asking questions to clarify feasibility of an idea is useful. 

2) Being seen as an understanding boss motivates your team to work because you set a good example to them. You can do this by assigning manageable task to each of your team member and provide assistance whenever required.

3) It is important you manage well between relationship at work and in private with your team. A leader will need the authority to command strict timeline and rules when necessary. 

4) Listen, analyse, before concluding. Seek clarifications before putting someone down. Allow your subordinates time to do their due diligence before starting on new projects. A project without proper initial planning is a start to disaster.

Managing is the art of balancing  expectations between different stakeholders. Focusing on the bigger picture will help you.

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