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Training and Developing Talents

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Job Process

Ensure standard processes are communicated and executed correctly to avoid mistakes and variations in work tasks.

1) Provide system training and familiarization to all new employees. To enhance their learning experiences, we will;

- Use simple real case scenario as an example to communicate how a process should be done correctly. This allow them to work straight away and make mistakes that we can immediately rectify

- Once all basic knowledge are acquired, we will set a more difficult real case scenario, to see if they have understood the basic concepts.

- During the training, we make sure all trainees understood their actions have consequence. Portraying as an approachable person, we will need them to clarify if unclear before they start developing their individual method of execution.

2) We also train trainers or provide discipleship to ensure a development team is able to assist us in training more hires as the company expands locally and overseas. To do this, we will conduct a 3 phase probation by;

- Having the first phase being close to them. Proper correction through observing how they conduct their training classes will determine if we can let them work independently on the second phase. we will usually spend once a week to train and guide them

- For the second phase, we will start to make lesser appearance in their class unless they have enquiries

- The third phase will determine if a trainer is good by looking at how well their trainees are doing. Also, if trainers are able to speak, execute and address any concerns confidently, this means they are most likely to pass the probation.

- Depending on the different operations, we may send these new trainers for further external courses to build their ability in the needed areas and thus is important to tie them down with a contract as this is an investment.

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