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Networking (Non-Sales)

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Job Process

I am not doing sales, why should I network?



As a leader, it is important to be aware of the best practices in the industry. By doing so, you can then strategise to the changing market trends effectively. Here are the skills and mindsets we suggest you to have;



1) If your operation is heavily reliant on tools and equipment, you are recommended to sign up for events and fair annually. This includes; CES in LA, ITAP, Microsoft Ignite, AWS global summit and more!  



2) If your operation is heavily reliant on labour and skilled manpower, you may consider joining local networking scene to learn more. Being in a groupchat with these network enables you to quickly find solution.



3) Consider messaging individuals on LinkedIn who share similar roles with you from another company and find out how they manage their processes. If possible, meet them up. A good network goes a long way!

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