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Teaching English composition

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Job Process

Ensure students can express their thoughts in words, write in proper English sentences, and has a flow to create clarity for the reader

Here, we have identified a step by step process with key takeaways for narrative compositions;

1) I will start by explaining the importance of understanding the topic. This ensures the writing objective revolves around it for consistency

2) I will encourage students to use;

i) Story Arc which is by writing a change, usually from the past to the present, or present to the future. This allows the reader to experience the rise or fall of a situation to deliver the meaning behind the topic

ii) Tension curve to excite the reader from small tension to a larger one or vice versa with the purpose to keep the reader interested in continuing with the reading

3) To enhance how students can apply the above methodologies, I will teach them;

i) Create a setting by stating when, where, and how did it happen

ii) Create a problem by describing the situation as an obstacle and how difficult it is to overcome

iii) Set a climax by creating a limited time frame before something terrible happens or actions taken to fight the problem

iv) Conclude by stating situations of moral dilemma or inner struggles that reflect the topic. An example can include; "if I do not cheat, my parent will scold me for my bad results". Students should mention the topic in this part to link back to the writing for proper closure

4) I will go through examples of each different writing type to allow students to have clarity on how to apply this writing method.

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