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Create lesson plan (Tutor)

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Job Process

A structure in teaching creates clarity in delivering the class and enhances student's absorption.

1) School have a teaching plan which states;

i) Learning objective 

ii) Recommended methods to deliver

iii) Suggestion to deliver difficult topics

2) Based on the teaching plan, I will strategize based on;

i) Ability of the class since students from certain housing estates perform better because of their better learning environment such as; more tuition given by the parent and attending better schools

ii) Starting from topics that are easy to understand and slowly progress into tougher ones later 

iii) Duration of each topic and section to ensure classes are delivered within teaching time

iv) Objective by determining if the lesson is for introducing new topics or as for revision and questions answering

v) Complexity of the topic and search for relevant videos, stories, and pictures to deliver the lesson's meaning. Noting, in consideration of time management

vi) In consideration of students who are late, I will plan at least 5 minutes at the start of the lesson for interactions with a simple introduction before diving into the day's topic.

3) Check if my plan aligns with the school's teaching plan; if not, adjust accordingly

If you are a new teacher, it is advisable to ask your colleagues for tips on how to deliver a good lesson plan that is more catered to the students in the centre.

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