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Imparting basics in English

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Job Process

Knowing how to apply basic English sets the student's foundation in this language.

It is important to impart the correct usage of simple English. Here, we explain the good practices on how to do that;

1) Grammar

To ensure students can use tenses correctly. This includes knowing the differences between present, past and continuous tense.

I will usually pick a few questions that are hard to differentiate so students could discuss and work with their understandings to select the correct answer. I will also explain the reasons behind the answer. Then, let them practice questions that are similar.

2) Vocabulary

To ensure students are able to use the correct word in the correct situation. Students are required to learn vocabulary related to their school syllabus. 

Usually, using pictures to communicate the meaning of a word is useful and interactive. I will also encourage students to use more of the vocabulary that they learned recently.

3) Synthesis

To ensure students can connect sentences correctly. This includes letting them know;

i) Sentence connectors such as; "In spite of", "In addition", "Firstly" and more

ii) Grammatical rules (present tense to past tense for reported speech)

iii) Active/passive rules (when a noun is receiving action is called passive, when a noun is making an action is active)

4) Editing

To ensure students can identify wrong applications of the basics learned;

i) If grammar was used wrongly

ii) If a word was spelled wrongly

iii) If a vocabulary word was used wrongly

iii) If a sentence structure was not connected correctly

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