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Taking over classes (Tutor)

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Job Process

Classes should continue with minimum disruption, and proper taking over is essential!

1) A tutor coordinator will speak to me about a relief lesson a few days before

2) The actual teacher will arrange an online session to discuss how to deliver the lesson plan. Occasionally, if we meet each other in the tuition centre, we will then discuss face to face

3) It is always good to understand the following from the teacher;

i) Objective of the lesson

ii) Learning pace of the class

iii) Behaviour of the class

iv) Identify if there are students who need extra help academically

v) Identify if there are students are physically or mentally disabled and special care to be considered

4) If the actual teacher has an urgent matter or is sick, and we are asked to take over the class, you can consider the following;

i) Seek clarification from the actual teacher via a phone call to understand what instructions to be given to the student

ii) if the actual teacher is uncontactable, you may use the centre's teaching plan, which is the same for all tutors. You may consider asking the students about where they have last stopped to better align with the class.

iii) Depending on instructions given and the situation, you may turn the lesson into a revision session and allow questions and clarifications to be answered.

v) Importantly, ask and keep a look out for students who are physically or mentally disabled and special care to be considered

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