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How to feedback to parent (Teacher)

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Job Process

Discuss with the parent about the progress of their child and identify areas for improvement

Here are some tips you may want to adopt!

For students who are not performing well

I will speak to their parents to discuss ways to improve their child's performance. Sometimes, parent will also approach me for the same reason.

i) I will usually start by stating what has happened in class to allow the parent to understand the lesson curriculum

ii) I will then state what the student has done well by citing examples to allow parents to see their child's progress. This can be done by stating the before and after of the child's progressive improvement.

iii) Next, I will define the areas where the student can further improve by stating what they are weak at and propose viable solutions to overcome. This allows the parent to understand their child's weakness and, if possible, assist their learning.

For students who are performing well

I will do the following;

i) I will start by letting the parent understand the lesson curriculum

ii) I will then state how the student has improved and attain good results

iii) Next, I will identify areas this student can further improve and how to gain more exposure

iv) I will then explain our plans to continue helping their child to do well in the upcoming years of their studies

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