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Skillsets to close a sales

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The worse technique is to make the customer agree when they don't agree.

They are many times when we see a salesperson pushed too far, the prospects dislike it. So, how do all these skillful salesmen close their sales? 

1) Great observation

Skillful salesman understood what their prospect wants and/or needs by observing their interest with the product. An interested prospect will provide hints and are willing to meet for further discussion. 

There is no point in pushing further when the prospect isn't ready.

2) Great negotiation

Based on the interactions with the prospect, a skillful salesperson will look for ways to fit the prospect's needs. The negotiation will always revolve around

i) Price

ii) Support

iii) Timeline

iv) Mixture of the above

A few questions to help you are;

If the price is too high, is there an alternative? 

Does the customer really need the features? If not, remove and provide a price cut to close the deal

If the competitor provides a better offer, request to look at the quotation and help the prospect ensure the offer is indeed better than ours.

3) Close later

If the negotiation outcome isn't fruitful, a skillful salesman knows it is not the right time. They will maintain the relationship and always look for ways to exchange value later on. 

Also, our interviewee mentioned; "If the prospect is not my customer, their network may be!". As long as we stay focus and resilient, we can do it!".


We have found a great website that explains the 20 different closing techniques by Klenty. We certainly learned from them! Click here to start reading!

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