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Aftersales service (Financial Advisor)

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Job Process

This is the time you deliver what you promised!

1) Whenever existing clients are interested in knowing more about their investments, I will source information that can help them make better decisions in whether to continue or reinvest in a better portfolio. This includes;

i) Speaking to people in the investment trait and relevant fund houses

ii) Research online via Financial Times  (Click here

iii) Research online such as bloomberg, stocktwits, seekingalpha and more, but you will have to pay a subscription to some of them to access their inside news and information

2) When there is negative news regarding my client's investment, I will inform them immediately and explain the logical reasons behind it. I will provide them with different perspectives as whether to continue or reinvest. The purpose is to keep my client updated and help them make better decisions.

3) For clients who bought insurance from me, I will usually meet them once per year to review their policy and reconnect as friend. The meetings are generally 30 min to 1 hour. 

4) Whenever there is an update on the client's plan or a new plan that could benefit them, I will notify them of the outcome and see if they wish to know more.

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