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Initial prospect meeting (Financial Advisor)

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Job Process

When the prospect meets for the second time, we can consider them to have interest in the product.

In this appointment, we need to find and craft the most suitable financial proposal for the client.

1) I will start the appointment by showing them what I have previously promised to research and propose ideas regarding the product/investment platform.

2) I rarely have clients who have no questions and sign straight away, but there is. 

3) For prospects who have doubts, I will ask, listen and acknowledge their reasons for holding back. While listening, I will ask questions to guide them to look at how the proposed products could help them from a different perspective. 

Signs like nodding their head and listening attentively shows they are interested in further discussion.

4) If prospects are still uncertain, I will allow them to have some time to think or, if not, speak to their family members. I will then set up the next meeting 1 or 2 weeks later to discuss it again. 

5) If meetings are more than two times, try to understand what is holding them back. Never rush to a conclusion since this will put the client in a defensive position. Always be professional and never judge the client’s ability to afford the premium.

6) When a prospect’s initial application is rejected due to their past medical histories and/or existing conditions, our company's underwriter may request our prospect to pay for a higher premium. 

I will then have to explain this to my prospect and assess if they are comfortable with the new proposal. If they are not interested, I will do my best to provide alternative solutions so they can be insured and feel comfortable with the premiums (or payment).

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