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Site System Verification

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Job Process

The process of verifying ensures work done aligns to customer's expectations.

On site, we usually have to coordinate the delivery, supply of getting in and placement of the hardware. This means mechanical and electronic components. A few common ones are;

i) Camera and mounting brackets

ii) Router for access points and mounting brackets

iii) Server and its rack

iv) Light indications

v) Alarm 

vi) Sensors

vii) Limit switches

viii) edge devices to process data receive quickly

Next, it is the job of software developers and relevant project engineers to "link up" these electronics by using either their in-house software or to write source codes to interface between "backend" and "frontend"

Backend means raw data not shown to the user such as raw numeric information of a sensor, video feeds, images and other variables.

Frontend means what's shown to the user such as user interface, user experience, user data visualisation, online checklists and more.

During this phase, it is our responsibility to check if the frontend user experience meets the requirement of our customer. We have to check all functionalities of the software that includes 

i) buttons

ii) dropdown list

iii) logicality of the data shown in graphs

iv) Networks settings such as IP, SSID, Subnet, gateway

v) log in functions 

vi) import/export data functions

vii) upload/download speed

viii) test network reliability in interfering environment

ix) triggering of alarm, light, actuator

Any errors found must be communicated and resolved with the developers.

Once the work is done, the satisfied customer must endorse that via email and documentation to signify a successful job completion.

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