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Managing multiple engineering projects

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Job Process

How do I manage so many engineering projects all at once!?

The role of an engineer often require us to multi-task. It is the same when it comes to project management. Here are a few constraints and how to overcome them;

1) Meeting deadlines is very important especially in critical projects as failing to do so will result in charging of liquidated damage (LD) which often costs from $10,000 onwards. Usually, we have internal deadline to work with to ensure enough time is "buffered" for unforeseen circumstances.

2) When there is too many things on the table, it is important you set aside time to plan. Create a gantt chart and checklist to ensure all jobs are well in progress. When there is visuals, it will help you to plan better and priortise jobs much easier.

3) Failure to execute the project well often lies in the lack of effective communication. This means having quality conversation to resolve problems EARLY. It is your responsibility to identify, think and provide viable options to propose to management when the issues is beyond your capabilities. Never procrastinate!

4) Often, we are stuck between options or completely out of solutions. This is when you will need to seek help from people who are subject matter experts. If your company is big, request to speak to the relevant departments. Otherwise, speak to a supplier, request a call or meet-up to be effective. Pay if necessary as the price of liquidated damage will be much higher!

5) Poor project management is top-down. If your manager is not pro-active in managing your performances, it is your responsibility to meet them and align expectations of the project. Let them know the progress of your work, inform them about the solutions you have provide and seek advice if necessary. This also allows your management to SEE that you are working, thus affecting your appraisal.

6) When there are too many things and problems arise, how can we trace its source? This is a bigger problem if the work is done years ago. It is important you create a report, both for the people on the ground and yourself. This report should have details on when, who, why, what, how systematically. This allows good traceability and accounability.

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