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Role-play (Financial Advisor)

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Job Process

When we are placed in a situation, we can then understand how to apply what we have learned.

By simulating a real environment to practice, new and veteran advisors can know how to react more naturally and sharply to different responses and counteract to propose the best fit solution. 

Here, we identified three ways people in the industry do;

1) Scenario-based role-play creates a scenario where the role-players will act as a specific profession they have encountered before e.g., nurse, engineer, doctor and will ask related questions. 

This allows advisors to have better first-hand experience of reacting to different professions and their needs. The purpose is to learn how to propose various products for different types of occupations.

2) Objection handling – handling rejection is an important segment. Having the ability to prepare ahead and counterpropose solutions is essential to show the prospects the importance of getting the plan with you.

3) Utilising this opportunity, I would try different replies to learn whether a particularly new approach is feasible for my prospect and how to refine it to make it better.

4) In this session, financial advisors and their management can take this opportunity to devise ways to keep up with new objections since people are more financially literate these days.

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